Betty is originally from Iowa.  She has moved all over the country and has had many different Careers including Teaching, Business, Finance and Manufacturing. She has also run her own business and has an MBA.  Knitting is her passion and expertise, as is teaching and being a Grandmother. 

Piastra is her first step in the Restaurant and Hospitality industry, though you would never know it because of her outgoing personality and natural hospitable nature! 

Piastra is a Modern Italian Restaurant firmly structured to be Family Oriented.  We aim for our Guests to be comfortable whether on a Date Night or out with the Family.  There is even a changing table! 

Utilizing the freshest ingredients, with as many locally sourced as possible, we make everything in house, from the pasta to the bread, even the sausage and all of the pastries.  There are no GMO foods in the kitchen, and no dough conditioners or stabilizers in the bread as we use only King Arthur Flour.  We use Sunflower Oil or Rice Bran Oil and Olive oil, and have no Soy or Canola oil products.  We take pride in using no food products from China and do what we can to use few other products from China. 

We hand craft our food, because Food Is Love, just as they believe in the Old World. 

About Us

Originally from Boston, Chef Greg learned about food at a young age when he first learned the phrase, “Food is love”. His first culinary steps were what captured his passion when Grandmother Rose showed him how to make chocolate chip cookies, and he states that he is still perfecting the recipe. After training at New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont, he worked in different restaurants in the Boston area.

Around age thirty, he trained with a classically trained French chef on a small yacht while sailing over a third of the way around the world. Shortly after the trip, Chef Greg moved to Atlanta and began working at Maxim Prime at the Glenn Hotel in downtown Atlanta. He then worked as the Chef at Alon’s Bakery and Market. After Alon’s, Chef Greg was Executive Chef at Dal Cuore in Johns Creek before opening Piastra.